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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seychelle FDC 1986

Hello, something different tonight.. but first a thank you to Dirk-Jan (first email) and others for telling me about "Stamping Through Mathematics" by Robin J. Wilson? .. a book that covers mathematics on stamps .. I have not seen it but I may go onto Amazon to see if I can get it.. sounds worth reading and having in my collection.

Tonight I was reading my horror scope ha ha ha ha on the way home.. and thought why not do some stamps linked to the zodiac. So what about this cover from the Seychelles.

It is one of a series commemorating the Return of Halley's Comet .. dated 1986.. was that when the comet returned.. I thought it was more recent.. but whatever.. the cover is also commemorating the 9th constallation in the zodiac... a figure (who????) holding what??? that is pointed at Scorpio..

Interesting Greek legend associated with these characters by the way.. and if you know the answers to the above you will win the cover and be able to read about this for yourself, and get a nice cover as well..

So write me at and please include your mailing address. Dont you just love all this learning from collecting stamps well I do.....

and just a short plug tonight.. if you are buying stamps on the internet.. is the seller a member of the IPDA .. the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association.. they will have been admitted to membership through a review process and will be upholding the high staandards of the IPDA if they are.. and if you sell on the internet ... please have a look at our web site.. and JOIN

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael


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