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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hi, hope you like this cover.. it could be yours.. if you know why I am showing it today.. in 1982 - on this day.. 9th July - something rather unexpected happened to the Queen..... any ideas..
first correct answer will win this cover if you include your mailing address with your answer.. email me at enjoy the research..

as for stamps.. please read my previous writings as some of the competitions stay open a few days..

I have had a good reply to yesterdays question already ..... but I will put all entries into a box and get one of my children to make the draw.. ... hope you enjoy reading the articles.

Question.. so do you sell stamps on the internet .....

I have asked this before and don't want to be too repetative and boring but if you do please look at the IPDA web site..

I would really like an email if you do sell on the internet as I would like to make contact with you.. or do you know someone that sells stamps .. please tell them about my blog and the IPDA.. we all get value from knowing.

Hope your weekend was good. Mine was.. I did more stamp sorting.. I went outside and sunbathed.. well that is, as in did gardening with shirt off...

I know it is winter here but one just takes the sun when one can... and today was a lovely sunny day.

enjoy your stamps ... best wishes..... Michael


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