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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hello, here are the most recent GB Commemortives. What do you think..

They do not seem that inspirational to me. As I see them they are quite boring.

But maybe that is me. You tell me......... . I mean, just look at the so called buildings.. what are they.. ....could be pieces of modern art for all we know.. and the sky..... clear blue... yes we get that here in Sydney occassionally

ok so more days than one cares to think about.. but in the UK.. give me a break... just because they have a heat wave at 33 degrees there today ... 33 degrees is just warming up isn't it .....

well it just confuses me..... the stamps are just .. what did I call those Washington Smilers issue.. yes .. wallpaper ..

Tomorrow I will show the Christmas Island Building issue .......... you can win a FDC maybe .. not of the GB stamps but the Christmas Isalnd ones

Enjoy your tell a friend about my blog, share in the fun ..

Best Wishes, Michael


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