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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't post last night.. another long day. shucks,... work is getting in the way of having a life

But to stamps.. so much to write about and just not enough time.. for any of us I suspect.
what about these stamps?

hope you like them.. I think they are rather nice.

What were they issued to commemorate I wonder? OK ...too easy.. Yatching in Australia.. but why.. ??? what is the name of the cup that Australia won in this sport and in what year I suspect that maybe ambiguous but surely you know what I mean.. the really world famous competition....

10th entry wins ok.. email with your postal address to

And, please dont forget to look at previous postings.. there are still some prizes to be won, and especially that GB set of Wilding definitives.. I will draw the winner on Friday.

Finally, there is a stamp auction here in Sydney this Thursday. I had planned to skip out of the office today to view. No such luck. Wish me luck to do same tomorrow. You could well be the benefactors if I win the lot I am looking at... at least on paper.

Enjoy your stamps... best wishes... Michael


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