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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christmas Island - Buildings - 2006 issue

Hello, last night I showed the new GB modern building issue. And tonight here are the Christmas Island Building stamps. A set of four with two setenant..

So what do you think .. which is the better stamp design. ask 20 people and I will probably get 10 for one set and 10 for another. I dont know. So lets have a vote.. please email at and vote for either GB or Christmas Island.

I will chose one vote from the winning group and send that winner the Christmas Island Stamps. Mint or used on letter just let me know which you would prefer if you are the winner.

What does interest me is how different the stamps are in design. But that shouldn't be surprising I guess. Look at all the stamps that are issued and so many different design concepts.

I have been reminded that I think of many of the GB stamps as "wallpaper" well to be honest I do. But a comment has come that I should look at the new stamps from Canada. I have not looked at them yet; will do and comment accordingly in due course.

If you have any of these - not sure what they are yet - then by all means send me some.. I am always interested in seeing the stamps themselves .. and I can offer them as prizes...

Hope you are having a great week.,. and if in England or Europe or New York... you are coping with the heat.. hey those temperatures are spring weather to us

Best wishes ...Michael


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