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Saturday, August 07, 2021

 I am back.. :-) you probably didn't even know I was away.. but that is ok. I am not going to be a drama queen. hahahah hospital was ok but it is good to be home and able to concentrate in front of a computer again.

So how about this beautiful stamp.  We just loaded some stunning  North Borneo to the store.   Even had a few sales already so please don't procrastinate.  Our quality is very good  and always fully described and with images of the reverse, and all mint stamps always come in mounts, usually black mounts. We care about quality and protecting the stamps as  many of you will know.

Anyway,  sales have been awful while I was in hospital - not surprisingly of course as I had to put the store on "vacation" so if you have some gaps in your collection I would be thrilled to see you in the store -   for the North Borneo and some Aden and of course we have over 36,000 stamps and over 26,000 nice feedbacks.   Hope to see you.

Enjoy, have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe   Michael  cddstamps


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