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Friday, April 23, 2021

Welcome to the weekend.    I decided to show two stamps -  hopefully they need no further comment. 

One is listed in the cddstamps online store, the other is listed in an online marketplace. 

Quite frankly it is embarrassing to me that someone would even think to list "the other"  stamp for sale.  That a  person would have the audacity to list such a stamp for sale shocks me. Yes, it annoys me. What level of integrity do they have?  What respect for the stamp collector?  

It embarrasses me that collectors have to this to see and perhaps it even gives them cause to question the credibility of stamp sellers at large.   Yes, I have heard that said, even though I know there are many, very many, very honest and highly respected sellers out there.

Ok you might be thinking anyone with any common sense will immediately see the rubbish for what it is. But still, that might not always be the case, or, less than experienced or new collectors just might not know.

If you are a new collector, learn from respectable stamp sellers, learn who are  respectable sellers.  Maybe even read my book, "Caveat Emptor and other advice for philatelists"    eBook available from here  or the softcopy with a review  available here.

Have a safe weekend; have an enjoyable and rewarding philatelic weekend.  


PS: stamp on left for sale at USD $1.95,   rust bucket on right for sale at USD $2.77.   


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