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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Hello,  just a short interlude between Caveat emptor articles - the next one is in the  drafting stage -.    Hope everyone is well and safe in these corona virus times.

and.... to let customers and potential customers know we are accumulating another order for the USA market.  When we get  enough orders to offset the cost  - or close to -  we absorb the rest of course - and then we courier to a USA dealer who mails locally for us.    Last order  in gets really fast delivery of course and  safe and secure. 

Have a look at our 38,000 listings   or search for the GB or British Commonwealth stamps you are looking for to fill a gap or  more in your collection.   ...... and  yes we are proud to say we now have over 20,000 positive feedbacks from out fantastic customer base.

Why not become a cddstamps customer    we do have some added loyalty attractions  which as a customer you will eventually. we hope,  learn about.

Stay safe and have a philatelic day      Michael


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