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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Hello,  something for collectors to think about when buying online.

I bought the stamp on the right because  it was advertised as the stamp on the left. I  wanted to prove to myself I was correct in my thinking, that the seller had "whitened" the stamp to make it more attractive.  Sadly I was correct.

One might argue I am wrong because it is just  the result of the sellers scanner. I don't think so.  My scan is exactly as the stamp appears to the naked eye.  To get the whiteness you have to have your scanner set to brighten or as I call it whiten the image, or you deliberately have to use color brightness adjust.

Rule of thumb - If a stamp looks too bright, that is, too white then the chances are it has been image colour adjusted, or simply put  it has been whitened.   Very easy to do on a scanner after all and  you only get to see it when you receive the stamp and by that time you probably do not look back twice at the original listing.

For new collectors or less experienced collectors  please  take care. Look carefully.   Here is another where the seller didn't even bother to hide the "whitening" and  by the way these are not one offs,  they are all over the philatelic portals being sold by  the less than professional sellers.

 Enjoy your stamps.  Have a great  and safe day.  Michael 


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