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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hello, I am shocked,  yes a week since I last wrote.  wow that was fast. I have too many projects on my plate.  Must  have a quiet word with myself!

 So how about these?  Something different. I read about all type of collectors and  new collectors joining the hobby during these corona virus lock downtimes, and collectors coming back to the hobby. Welcome to everyone. It is good to know there is still the interest in this wonderful hobby. In fact the more one gets into  it the better it becomes in my  view.

One of my projects was to get more of our stock loaded to the online store. So to the point, We have loaded a variety of USA and Australia, and  just starting on some GB Downey Heads.

 This is one of the Australia lots.  Have you got all of these.  Not just one stamp but what you might find as something different to make a collection a bit more interesting.

There is so much to  this wonderful hobby.    Please keep reading us, and of course we look forward to welcoming  you in the online store.

 Michael   commemorative decimal definitive stamps


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