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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hello,  yes finally  Ethiopia.  Just one stamp to show, the other 6 in the set are the same but different colours.  Really quite stunning  to my eyes. The set was issued in 1931 and was the second airmail set to be issued after the introduction of aviation and airmail services in Ethiopia in 1929. But, because the 1929 stamps were actually overprints this 1931 issue was technically the first air mail issue.
The designer was  Stephan Papazin and the engraver and printer was the Institute de Gravure in Paris and their name is included on the stamp as you can see.
The plane is a Potez 25A2 –   ok I had to look it up!!  – it was a  French twin-seat, single-engine bi-plane designed during the 1920s.  It operated as a multi-purpose fighter bomber, it was designed as a line aircraft and used in a variety of roles. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Potez 25 was the standard multi-purpose aircraft of over 20 air forces, including French, Polish and American and the Ethiopian Air force  which had six planes.
Enjoy your aviation and aerophilately.  Have a safe weekend


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