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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hello,   something a bit different as I found this while sorting  today. This is a cinderella from a set produced for Seven Seas Stamps in Australia. I thought be  interesting to see this. 

I found the following which readers may enjoy reading and learning more, especially if you ever come across any of these.

The 1954 Australian Expedition to Antarctica was the first full scale attempt by Australia to establish permanent bases in Antarctica, thus laying claim to a substantial part of the continent.

To mark the event a set of commemorative labels was prepared for attaching to maximum cards and other souvenir cards and covers taken to Antarctica on the expedition: the first occasion that the Post Office had co-operated with philatelists in handling mail from Antarctica.

The labels were designed by Sydney artist Monty Wedd in four designs:

(1) The Kista Dan, the Expedition vessel (aka "Ship"),
(2) Map of Antarctica with two Polar explorers (aka "Map"),
(3) A group of Penguins (aka "Penguins), and
(4) A Polar exploration plane over a base camp (aka "Plane").

The labels were immensely popular and large quantities were exported to USA and Europe for the stamp trade, involving several different printings.

As a result they exist in various shades with some perforated, some rouletted and some imperf.

I did find some listed on eBay.   Very nice.   They are cinderellas or some call them poster stamps.  I noticed some listed and some not correctly described.

Enjoy  your philately   Michael


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