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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you have a look at past writings as there are some interesting pieces for you to learn from. Well we hope so.

If you have a few gaps in your collection, or want to improve your collection please visit our website and see what countries we stock in our Hipstamp online store. If you are looking to fill some gaps in your Great Britain or British Commonwealth collections or you want to treat yourself to a Valentines Day present. You can buy just the one stamp you might need to complete a set, you do not have to buy the complete set. You might want to add a better copy of a stamp, or a Mint Never Hinged copy to improve your collection or a postage cancel that help improve your collection. Have a look and see how we can help you improve and enjoy your collection.

Please click the menu bar "Online Store" to see the countries we stock. During January we loaded over 700 Bahamas from SG 2 1863 through to SG 309 1967 and over 700 GB Regionals issues, Machins and Commemoratives. And do you know what.... we still have not got over the 39,000 listings Every time we load new stock our wonderful customers keep buying it. We are so pleased we are able to help you.

We try to list between 5 and 10 copies of a given stamp and we select the postal cancel, where we can, to ensure the stamp shows it was used in the period it was issued or it is a nice clean cancel. Not always possible especially as many stamps were generally only used on parcels or larger envelopes and not machine cancelled, but we do try to list what we think will look good in your collection. We believe collectors want to have postally used copies in their collection that are from the period the stamps were issued and not reused 20 years later as is so often the case these days.

Anyway Enjoy your stamps. We are away in Manila for a few days from tomorrow and will be coming back with some nice new issues to show you :-)

See you soon. Michael


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