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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Hello, something different today. A rather nice commemorative cover. A friend visited the Antarctic recently and found this one. I hope you enjoy seeing it. There is even a web site to mark this Centenary at if you would like to read more. Although Sir Ernest Shackleton's mission to the Antarctic was ultimately a failure the incredible story of how Shackleton led the crew and their survival in the most inhospitable place on Earth makes interesting reading For over 300 days the crew were adrift in the Antarctic, living on ice floes, uninhabited islands. Shackleton led the most incredible rescue mission that ensured every single one of the 28 crew survived. Incredible boat journeys in hurricane winds and monstrous waves, a trek across uncharted mountain ranges and a crew that survived are all part of the greatest story of survival and leadership the world has known. Enjoy your stamps and the history and events they often commemorate. Michael


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