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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Hello, today I have spent some time enjoying Machins.  I hope you seeing these two images and perhaps get you to have a closer look at your copies, or at least be aware when you do get some copies of this stamp.  SG 2124 issued in 2000 as the "New Millennium" definitive 1st class stamp.

They were printed by De La Rue, Questa and Walsall printers.  The two I show may look to be the same but they are not. The stamp on the left is the Walsall printing and the other is either De La Rue or Questa printing (actually De La Rue but that is getting a bit too much for this piece)

Anyway the second image shows one (of 7 I know of) difference to help tell the Walsall and De La Rue or Questa printings apart from one another. I find this one of the easiest identifying differences.

Have a look at what you have and see if you have a copy of both.   Next I will show how to tell the De la Rue and Questa printings apart.  Enjoy your Machins.



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