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Friday, July 22, 2016

Hello,  when I last wrote I said a few days before I posted from the Philippines. Well time has certainly passed by very quickly and a few days has turned into 20 something days.  Never mind, I am well and having had a wonderful few weeks with no internet I am now back online and with time to think about stamps.

One thing about moving is that one finds some of those lost philatelic materials you knew you had but couldn’t find.  These two se-tenant pairs were on an envelope I found  while unpacking  from the move.

I hope you like seeing them.  My catalogue only lists to end 2012 so I cannot give any catalogue details but these were issued for Valentines day 2013.

I will be writing more over coming days and weeks now and,  FYI, I have cddstamps back in action full time. Apology for slow responses to some emails and mailing of orders, but all caught up now.

Best wishes……..      Michael


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