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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello, I have started, finally, preparing my GB Edward VII stock for listings in my Bidstart Store.

It will take me a while I am sure but I thought it would be nice to show an example of the material I have. I used to have this listed in my old version of the  website, but as  many of you may know I lost all the files and listings when the website was rebuilt. Time to rebuild over the coming month and into the new year.  I will try.

This is a fascinating era for stamp issues in my view. Many shades and varieties to keep you interested. Perhaps you will enjoy reading this link.

Enjoy your stamps and please don't forget if you want to fill a gap or two or more in your collection to visit  here. And do you know about my Customer Christmas present.  Please read previous posting for details. A pair of tweezers, the same as I use every day.

Best wishes.. Michael


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