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Friday, July 05, 2013

Machin security Issues

Hi, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. If you have time for stamps perhaps these security Machins interest you. Lots to collect and study.  You can read more at where you will see my entry to the GBPS competition a few years back. I am still sorting these. Always trying to keep my collection up to date.

If you collect these also have a look at   where you may find one or two that you are missing.  I will try to loaded more issues (codes and dates) over coming weeks as time permits. Of course you can always write to me at

One thing to say, my view anyway, you should not try to remove these from the envelope piece. You will see all mine are on piece, neatly trimmed with small margin of the envelope. Trying to remove these non soluble gum issues will damage the stamp, I don't care what others may try to tell you. Chemicals or whatever is just not a good idea. Many of these have useful catalogue values, even though they have been produced in their millions, so trying to remove them, that is soak them, from the envelope could see you damage a nice collectible item. And, if you want my advice,  if I saw these for sale cleaned from paper I would not be thinking of buying them. :-)

Have a great weekend..... Michael


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