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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A philatelic update from CDDStamps

Canada SG 365 FU  - from my Bidstart Store -  SG Cat  £2.75

Hi, time to give you an update on my recent philatelic activities. Much of my time is spent sorting and cataloguing stamps for my Bidstart Store. I am aiming to get a good stock there so you can have a good chance of filling those gaps in your collection. Why have to buy a set when you only need one stamp to complete an issue.

So far I have loaded just over 6500 listings. That number is after sales so far of just over 1300 listings. So I must be doing something right :-)  At least it is paying for some of the new material I am adding to my collection.

Average selling price for a lot is about 50c US  and prices generally range from 5% of cat to 65%, so you will see that you get excellent value.

You can go direct to my Bidstart store from this link  or you can go to my website link which shows all the countries from which I have material listed      just click this link   I think will be easier for you from this link. Try it and have a browse.

There is a pretty good selection of GB,  over 2000 listings, including through to early 2013 issues, and some 20 other countries including good selections from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Rhodesia Zimbabwe and some older 1950 - 1970 USA.

One thing I have done is list multiple copies of a stamp. This way I hope you will enjoy the opportunity to chose the franking that suits you. Most of the Used material I list is postally used. I don't list CTO and try to avoid listing stamps from FDCs but some I will admit are there.

Hope you have time to look and are able to fill a few gaps in your collection. If I have not listed a stamp you are looking for please write to me at I just may have not got around to listing that yet.

Best wishes  ..........   Michael


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