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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello, something just a bit different today since I was sorting some stamps this afternoon. So many recent (2009 onwards) GB Commemoratives do not soak off the envelope. Really annoying when one is throwing 100 plus stamps into hot water to find some still on the envelop backing. Here is one. I have many from this 2009 British Classic Design issue. Many soak off and are fine. Many are like this, and not only for this particular issue. Trouble is you dont know until you have tried to soak them. I have checked the catalogue I have, but nothing mentioned about different printings or gums. Anyone have any details. I'll get an updated SG Concise one day, maybe that has details. So after drying those that don't soak I'll try to start a section for non soluable gums. Will need even more album space.

And you thought you had issues and challenges in your life hahahahahahahaha - maybe I better get a life LOL

Hope you had a great weekend. Michael


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

No need to get the SG Concise: just check out the Norvic website ( Gives you all the information you need on modern GB! But don't worry. I did check mine (SG Concise that is) and there are three sources for this stamp: normal sheet (traditionally gummed), prestige booklet (traditionally gummed), retail booklet (non-soakable self-adhesive gum). So yours is obviously no. 3.

Sorry to hear about all those issues in your life! Well, you can always start collecting mint of course: no need to soak anymore!

Oh, and what about adding my blog ( to your list! Now there's an issue for you!



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