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Friday, May 06, 2011

Hello and thanks for visiting. I have been looking through a well known auction site for some stamps I am interested in, and I found this. Beautiful hahahah, actually the reason I am showing you is because when I came across the first listing I saw from this seller I was shocked at the rubbish quality of his material. Then I saw another and another and another. Then I looked at the number of feedbacks he has..... over 5000, Then I thought how can someone who is selling such rubbish get so much feedback, and with 100% positive. Astounds me. But then maybe he has sold lots of good material over the past 4 and 1/2 years. Whatever, I am of the opinion anyone that lists this type of material, and describes it as used, fine - very fine, is either stupid or trying to con you, and I don't care how good his feedback is. He should be recognised as trying to cheat you by selling this as described. Sad thing is he and many others can get away with it. Don't be misled into thinking high good feedback means good stamp, good honest seller. This seller is not honest because if he were he would be listing this as described.

If the seller is not a member of an accredited Philatelic organisation, or an accredited dealer please be careful.

There is one seller on this auction site who I visit for entertainment. He has openly admitted he knows nothing about stamps yet has the audacity to be selling "from his basement" material he has laying around in an old damp dusty box crawling with spiders. (Probably his sense of humour, but it sends very unprofessional message doesn't it.

I saw one of his lots sell last week. I feel for the buyer I really do. I could have given the material away in my free lots because the stamps were "damaged" with missing perfs, creases, grubby franking as can be the norm with GB QV, bad colouring, that is faded (such stamps are worth nothing), and generally a waste of postage let alone the money he threw away on his winning bid. Yet some naive buyer I suspect, bid and got the lot. Wasted money yet worse still the seller is encouraged to keep putting junk material on the auction site and think they are doing people a favour and making some pocket money on the side.

Personally I think the auction sites should be made to vet sellers of certain materials. Difficult concept I do understand, and yes I know the buyer beware argument but as I have said before, sometimes in society for the good of the common individual we have to put protection mechanisms in place. Mechanisms to try to stop people from making fools of themselves, to try to stop certain types of people from taking advantage of others, and to try to stop people profiting from the failings of others. You know what I mean.

But all my readers are smart and would never be duped into buying rubbish now would you :-)

Have a great weekend. Michael


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