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Saturday, December 12, 2009

writing ......... why

I am getting bored writing to myself.. Anyone reading??? I know I have not written for a few days.. well more than that.. but I have no incentive..if no one is reading why am I writing?
There seems to be such apathy out there these days.. I read some stamp boards and so few people are participating... Why?? what is happening?

Are we all time constrained..??

I am still writing my aviation blog even though readership is low.... I want people to read these blogs, so they learn (have you any idea how many sellers out there are screwing innocent buyers) and enjoy (that is what this is all abount isn't it?)

what is everyone consumed with these days? Tell me I would really like feedback

Best wishes... Michael


At 4:50 AM, Anonymous keijo said...

Personally I confess that holiday preparations are taking up a lot of time I would otherwise use either for stamps or reading stamp related web sites.

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Charlie said...

Well, Mike, I had been reading regularly until my recent bout with some strange bronchial invection made sitting at the PC difficult.
But in general your observation as to readership has to be accurate. I notice this myself at our Nachin site. It is the same few who bother to read and comment.
Two active non-stamp sites seem to be the same way.
Perhaps the condition of the economy has an effect and people are too sad to bother.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger cddstamps said...

hi guys, thanks for comments.. I think you are both correct.

Also, will see if I can make ,y writing more interesting :-)

have a great weekend..


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Machin Man said...

Merry Christmas Michael, I read every couple of days.

A busy time for all, if you read my blog you will see even santa has his problems.

Best wishes....... Roy

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous David said...

I read your site almost every day. I find it extremly educational and enjoyable. I have quit subscribing to Linns and Scotts because it has no editorial content, just passes on what is given them by the post office. Other online sites i read are full of complaining and infighting. Nothing I want my kids to read.
I have used your articles on centering and condition to educate my daughters stamps club at her school. Kids are interested but not like it used to be.
Please keep up the writing, we are listening and enjoying your hobbies.

At 1:00 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

David, thank you so very much, that inspires me to write more

Thank you


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Charlie said...

David says "Kids are interested, but not like it used to be." For sure.
What we see in this hobby is what is going on in the world as a microcosm. I am really concerned about civilization as we know it.
I have no trouble interesting my grand kids in stamps for a short period of time. They will often join me with their albums when I am sorting or mounting some stamps, but the attention span is so limited, it is sad. As soon as possible they are back to one of the several handheld video games that are sprouting up all over. And if not that, they are watching some real garbage on a TV, playing some game on the PC or texting each other on the now ubiquitous cell phones that keep the family contact net intact.
I will admit that each gadget has a benefit and can be justified in some way, but as an example last week after the boys came home from school, I sent them out to breathe some of the fresh air before the earth collapses into a globe straddling desert, to play with a couple of the neighbour's kids. Okay, they kicked a soccer ball around a bit and rode their bikes, but I noticed Erik (age 11) sitting astride his bike at the entrance to the garage apparently texting someone. Casually, I asked who ? He was sending a message to the girl with whom he had been bike riding who was now across the street !!!
Jeeze Louise, if you want to chat with her go back out in the street and ride along with her. I wish I could describe the look I got from him. Have you ever suggested something half in jest to someone only to realize you have been taken seriously ? Yes, the look that says, "Gramps, I love you but we are going to have to spoon feed you at supper 'cause you are getting so senile ?",
I remember reading a book when I was growing up. Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and all the Tom Swift adventures. Okay, a lot of books.It is a real struggle getting these children interested in a good book and just as hard trying to involve them in stamping. The competition from all the distractions that surround them is so great and worse still, finding an elusive fourth stamp to complete a set often cannot be done in a forty-four minute stretch (allowing for commercials) that seems to be the limit of their attention span.
--- End of rant ---

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Matt LeClair said...

Thought I'd leave you a personal, "buck up, my friend!" as someone who writes multiple blogs that no one reads. For starters, there are many hundreds of millions of blogs out there, and this number has grown so rapidly. If you've been at this a while, when you started you probably got readers just by random chance because there weren't that many blogs yet. Now, think what you're competing against! Add to this the fact that blogs are somewhat passe now. Facebook is what people are obsessed with.

You're asking a question I've asked myself often. Why write if nobody is reading? To me, the act of writing is worthwhile in and of itself. We're in the information age, and there's power in being able to articulate your thoughts clearly. Writing these blogs is like exercise. Sure, some people exercise just to be seen exercising, but most people exercise to keep healthy. Me, I'm keeping my writing muscles fit! Sure, it's nice if someone admires my muscles once-in-a-while, but it's still worthwhile even if they don't. And anyway, if I were getting too much attention I'd either start feeling self conscious, or get a big ego, neither of which is a good thing!

Also, I write about stamps because I don't personally know another stamp collector. There's nobody I can talk about this hobby with face-to-face, and sometimes I just need to get my ideas out there.

Plus, I've got goals. Someday I want to pass my collection on to a special grandchild, and hopefully I'll have a body of writing that they will read and respond to, and carry on the tradition. As I don't have kids yet, this is a really long term goal!

So, is a rather long answer to your question of "Why?" Why not? Have you been writing all this time just to get the attention of adoring masses? Or does the writing have a more fundamental benefit to you that exists even if nobody else is reading?


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