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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Horses....... Now for snakes

Hi.. I saw this beautiful snake today while walking on the property...... probably the same baby I saw many months ago but it has grown. Still young mind you :-) So thought of snakes on stamps. Only found one in my Australia stock and using SG Australian catalogue for reference. This is SG 799 from the 1981 Wildlife issue. A nice block of 4 I found,

A lovely set of stamps by the way. If these interest you I may show some more over coming days.

My snake is a bush python - well that is how we refer to it. I am happy to be corrected. I have seen one as thick around as if you hold thumb to thumb with two first fingers touching - if you see what I mean and over 2 metres in length. Beautiful to see and quite harmless, well except to the chickens and rats and mice I guess :-) Here is a picture of the whole snake :-)

Have a great weekend. Michael


At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Charlie said...

In Florida we have thousands of Burmese Pythons infesting the Everglades Park. Apparently they were considered pets by some people until they got too big to handle and too expensive to feed so the owners simply let them loose. Here they have no natural enemy so they grow and apparently do what comes naturally, multiply.
Fortunately, where I live, though rural, is not conducive to their life style. But it is a problem in those sub-tropical jungle and swamp areas.


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