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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trains on stamps

Hello, this thematic by popular request.... over next few days / week depending on available time, I'll try to show some trains on stamps. Hope you enjoy.

The first set is from Great Britain, Royal Mail, issued in 1985. Quite a nice design in my view.

These were issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Western Railway Company. Nostalgia for me, as growing up I saw many GWR steam trains, and I will admit I have been to the Didcot Railway Centre home page also, FYI you might enjoy reading this Didcot Railway Centre just click back arrow to return to the blog.

One cover you might enjoy seeing as well was produced by my friends at Buckingham Covers to celebrate the 85th Anniversay of the Flying Scotsman. A train (London to Edinburgh) I travelled on many times as a very young boy.

Having shown these stamps and links I just cannot resist a quiz :-) so for some stamps with trains on them.... I have not sorted them yet so it will be a big surprise to me as well as the winner.. Cannot offer all of the ones above as they are my only copy, sorry.. here is a three part question... 5th correct answer - email me at - and I just feel I have to make it somewhat hard as the research is easy as well as enjoyable :-)


part I..... what Class is the locomotive shown on the Buckingham Cover- full description required
part II... what is the name given to the 4 stacked exhaust nozzles found on this locomotive, and why
part III... What is significant about this ( see below) locomotive and why

now this is just general knowledge right :-) ....... stamp collecting is so interesting isn't it.

Have a great weekend ... Michael


At 6:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ah Michael,
This takes me back to the days when, as a child, I used to stand on platform l0 at Kings Cross and watch trains with my brother and my trusty train spotters book. Our biggest thrill was if an A4 (Flying Scotsman) stamp was huffing and puffing before leaving for the big climb up to where I lived and spent many train spotting hours at Hadley Wood. Lying in bed I could hear the trains coming up the bank from Kings Cross and could identify a V2 (or was it 8) with a cracked cylinder by the noise it made. Having said all that, having a clue on the answers. The first one could be an A4, but not sure. Next time we meet I'll bring my very old copies of the Railway Magazine that I inherited from my father. I also have a recording of trains which I must get Paul to put on a CD.


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