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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Machin positioning !!!!

Hello, a digression tonight because in my mail today - lots of mail I might add and all philatelic related - I had this envelope. It is really quite surprising to me.

I do a Childrens Corner (free stamps to children) as some of you may know and I get quite a few letters from kids around the world on a regular basis. I send them free stamps. (am running low by the way so any donations gladly accepted).

Anyway, today I got this letter from a very young schoolboy in the UK. Lovely positioning of the Machin don't you think - I have had some very stange positioning of stamps on envelopes I might add - but how good of the Royal Mail person to frank it the way they did. This is a personal franking, not a machine franking. Just thought you would enjoy seeing it.

Best wishes, enjoy your stamps ....Michael


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