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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello, well here is the back of the two stamps.. what do you see.. yes, toning, staining, or rust in some language. This is bad, very bad in my view. The stamps are, in my view, damaged.

Want a space filler of this stamp buy a cheap clean lightly mounted mint one. Don't buy this even though you think it is mint unhinged.

What will you do with it. Put it in your album perhaps. With other stamps. Oh and spread the toning, spread the rust. Have you read that it is always good to put stamps in new albums, never old second hand ones... ( sure there can be exceptions I guess) but new ones are best, and for same reasons. They are clean and you want to protect your stamps. So use clean albums and don't mix in what I will call "dirty" stamps.

The seller of these was very honest by clearly showing both sides of the stamps and I applaud whoever it was for showing very clearly what they were selling. But guess what, they sold after 5 bids for USD $11.50. Waste of money. Sorry. But that is how I see it. So moral of story, deal with sellers who clearly show what they are selling ... and if you cannot see the back of the stamp(s)...ask... don't waste your money, but even more important don't mix stamps with toning with good clean stamps. I am afraid the toning can spread.

Best wishes....... and I hope you are not the winning bidder on those stamps.. :-) I've just ruined your day eh!!!!

Enjoy your stamps Michael


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