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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Communications on stamps

Hello, a stamp for you with a quiz. See if you are awake after the Christmas weekend.

I had to really think hard to come up with a GB stamp to have something to do with what today (29th December), is, in the way of an anniversary - of sorts. If I had some knowledge of Amercian commemoratives I may have found one although the person I am thinking of, who had a patent granted him this day many years ago was actaully quite an amazing person and it should not be too hard to work out who he was. Here is a humourous but true (I believe) fact; of his children he nicknamed one "Dot" and another "Dash

If you think I have missed someone and should be writing about Marconi let me say he sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895, 4 years after the anniversary of the patent I am referring to. First correct naming of this person - email to me at will win a selection of stamps. Too easy eh!!! :-)

Anyway, I am back in Seoul, arrived last night and will be enjoying my last two weeks here as I go back to Sydney - work here at a good finish point shall we say - mid January, so this FYI and please don't send me any surprise mail here. :-) if it won't get here in next 10 days.

Enjoy your stamps............. Michael


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