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Monday, May 26, 2008

just a postcard..... I think not....

Hi everyone.. hope some of you found me.. remembered my back up site.. could be my permanent site..

I have had no reply to my service requests for over a week.. big recommendation on what service to not use in the future. I seriously am mad and if had the money I would take a full page ad in every US and wherever else newspaper and make it quite clear what I think of these people.... writing to the general manager I found, has not even got a reply.... service is one of those unheard of words.. want to do me a favour tell everyone you know how terrible Netidentity / Tucows are... I wish I could write what I really feel. :-)

Anyway.. one good thing about stamps is you meet some really great people and one guy I have written about before has given me a card - that I carried on the Singapore - Nagoya - Narita A380 flight.... hope you like it..

He is rather talented when it comes to design and that sort of stuff and I have signed him up to a lifetime contract to design for me ha ha ha ha .. only joking. Anyway, hope you like this card...

Note the frankings on the stamps.. pretty sepcial eh!!!

Best wishes...Michael


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