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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Royalty and Heritage........... Part II

Hello, I thought I would write about the Royalty issue a bit more over next few days. There is a lot to write about.
So you thought the Great Britain stamps were special.. maybe.. but have a look at the Barbuda stamp, issued for the English Monarchs series in 1970 -71 I believe. Interesting similarity for the image of Henry IV . A little bit of artistic touch up and colouring, shall we say, to the Royal Mail issue.

Actually, not surprising as the image comes from a picture in Cassell's "History of England. Arrgghh .. is nothing original anymore. (see below).
Even Royal Mail have "copied" ha ha . Also, have you noted the dates on the stamp(s) 1399 - 1413. Did anyone think what these dates were.. Not the King's life as is often the nomenclature ( is that the right use of the word... you know what I mean) when quoting dates on stamps for a person. These are the dates of the reign of the King. Now be honest, did you know that

Now it is about time I gave away a prize me thinks.. so.. fourth ( Henry IV !!! ) email to me at cddstamps@gmail to the reader who can tell me .. when he was made a Duke.. he was Duke of where?? and my mother lives nearby if that helps..........

Enjoy your stamps..
More tomorrow on this interesting Royal Mail issue.

Best wishes.. Michael


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