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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you get roses, chocolates, or something nice, like a fine used Penny Black maybe

I checked the mail today, and not one Valentines Day card.. of course I only wanted the stamp from the envelope didn't I... even bigger

Ok I was going to write about the Royal Mail Royalty and Heritage issue again but since it is Valentines Day I thought I show some "Love" stamps.

First off is this one from Australia.

I have not been paying attention to new issues but it looks good from the publicity shots. Not specifically issued for Valentines Day but close enough if we want to use it that way I guess.

I might see if I can get a FDC tomorrow. Maybe use as a prize in tonights quiz. Read on.

Then there is this nice block from Sweden.

I read that countries like Sweden, Norway Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and of course the USA issue Love stamps each year.

Is this right?.

You tell me.

And finally the USA. This rather creative design was issued in 1973. The first Love stamp from the USA. Some 300 million were printed. Unless I have read something wrong this was issued in June of 1973. So not even a Valentines Day issue back then.

For a prize.. who was the artist of this design. It was not artwork originally created for a stamp .. but I'm sure my US readers will know that and much more. email me at first entry will do.. I did not get 4 entries to last nights quiz, so that prize is still available.

Hope you have, or are having a lovely day. Take home one red rose, whoever you are, to your loved one... enjoy.. Best wishes.. Michael


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