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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

more on Polar Philately

Hello everyone. I was referred to this website.. sound like an interesting group This from a colleague who read about my Antarctic flight covers.

I hope you have a few minutes to look at especially if you collect Penguins on stamps.. or aircraft on stamps.. or flight covers, or just Polar related flight covers, or wait for it.. cddstamps produced flight covers.. a new collecting theme well why not.. well it won't cost you too much as I only expect to produce two or three a year the next big ones being Singapore London on the A380.. and / or the Qantas A380. Not sure how I am going to do either but I'll be trying.

And if you don't collect any of the above please tell your friends.

Well done to Jose from Portugal and Mark from the USA for sending the first emails telling me about yesterdays picture. Yes it was of course on the flight deck of the 747 going down to Antarctica. Sorry to others who sent in entries I cannot have everyone a winner, I'd go broke but hey, treat yourselves

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael


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