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Sunday, November 25, 2007

true beauty

I hope you like this... not often seen.. and not yet mine... one day I would like own such a sheet ....

I am writing about this stamp.. anyone have any stories or details of the printing etc..please email me. I am trying to put an exhibition entry together on the issue... of the two stamps this and the 2 1/2d. write me at

New Topic: I don't always say who wins what.. but since I have had no emails one has won anything.. hey..saved me the postage

Also, I think I am behind on some emails... from earlier this month..will try to catch up this week..
And since Christmas is coming... one month today.. I would be really pleased if you could send me a scan of your countries Chtistmas issue. so I can share with others..

Look forward to hearing from you.. best wishes... Michael


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