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Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Island stamps

Hello everyone.. well I found some Christmas Island stamps today. so here they are.

I have been writing recently about Christmas stamps - I had a few scans sent to me - but thought these might interest you.

They do have a Christmas theme and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, well the season is the season after all. Any holiday excuse is ok by me!!!

Do you like them? I do.. always have, only because it is Christmas

Something else to challenge you. What about this...............

Today I made some time to sort some stamps. I occassionally soak off envelopes the many stamps I accumulate and then press flat under heavy books.. and today I just sorted all sorts that I had accumulated under lots of heavy books,.... surprised even myelf.
Found the stamp on the right ....I don't even know what envelope it came from.. it is not damaged to make this image I can assure you. Does anyone recognise the stamp.. is it even a stamp I wonder??? Am I rich!!!!!!!!!!!

I have much more...... tomorrow.. December 1st.. and the announcement of my Christmas Competition ............ Dont miss out.. have a great weekend..
Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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