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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

an interesting first flight cover .................. maybe

I have to apologise for being a few days late with this in memory and recognition.. just got carried away with the A380 didn't I... on October 14th 1947 Major Charles Yeager of the USAF flew the Bell X-1 faster than the speed of sound.

I showed a stamp back in April, ..........23rd from memory of an X aircraft.. not the same one right!!!

So as I keep awake at night thinking of the A380 flights next week it occurred to me I had not paid tribute to his awesome flying achievements. Are there flight covers from 60 years ago I wonder. if anyone knows of a source please tell us.

I am seeng covers now being prepared to commemorate 30 years since Concorde flights...... as they say.. time flies ...directly in proportion to the speed of the prevailing wind!!!
but back to the A380 again.. if you are interested.. have a read of this yes a press release but still quite interesting.

and as for stamps... how about this cover ..........
... an interesting cover, if only because I can see no link between the cover and the postmark... help me please... am I that tired

email me at ( will send ths cover to someone) and don't forget to include your order for the A380 covers I am producing.. see my posting a few nights ago... until I sell out with advance orders I will keep repeating this

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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