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Thursday, October 18, 2007

6 days to go...........

until I leave for Singapore. So have you sent me an email to reserve your cddstamps produced and carried A380 cover?

No.. oops.. well the email is

I have only made 20 covers for each of the flights.. SIN-SYD; SYD-SIN, and for SIN-SYD-SIN email me for details. I am not making any more.. so very limited print run and I will be keeping a few for myself, and maybe giving one set to my mother
Here is one of the covers..
in fact I will be having even less covers of a kind produced, so to speak, because I will be using the new issue singapore Post $1.10 A380 stamps on some covers and this one below with a 10 cent stamp added or I may even just add another $1.10 stamp.. I'll see what happens on the day... either way you will be getting something very unique... ... I will be numbering the covers accordingly. I will also be taking photos at whatever opportunity I can and will be including a signed photo with all orders.
This is a historic event. That is not just me saying this but the view of many many others.. are you reading the news bulletins for this aircraft.. have you read about the reception it got on arrival in Singapore yesterday.. awesome stuff.. I just hope the plane doesn't leak.. we will be getting a fire engine reception I hear out of Singapore and maybe into Sydney.. ha ha ha ha ...

I look forward to hearing from you.. and only first in get reserved covers. write me for details.
enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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