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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

space on stamps

Hello, well a few people have replied to the survey.. scroll down a few days if you have not, and place your vote.. please .. and general stamp topics seem to be favourite at the moment. Fine by me...

On the way home tonight I was reading about NASA putting rubbish into orbit.. as in waste material in the form of a 630kg refridgerator sized reservoir full of ammonia and a 96kg camera mounting. Awesome stuff... eh!!!.. but what does one do with such things out there in space... I
don't know. Apparently the refridgerator sized
junk will remain in orbit for 300 days before burning up on re-entry to the earths atmosphere.. oh.. and there is a 1 in 50000 chance that what comes through to earth could injure or kill someone.. but then again NASA expects the stuff to land in the ocean.. guess what.. I wont going near water in 300 days time

I found these four stamps.. no idea if a full set but thought well I'll show them and say there is a 1 in a few chances they could be yours... if you can tell me the name of the school teacher who will fly as crew on next months Endeavour flight.? easy surely???

email me at
and please include your mailing address.. Have a great day.. enjoy your stamps... Michael


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