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Monday, July 23, 2007

A 1953 Flight Cover

Hello, well those few of you who have completed the survey form - see a few days ago - have said you wanted general stamp topics. I have no idea what that means LOL but here is a start.

What about this cover.. quite nice but with a small stain on the stamp and what I would call a bit dirty.. that is used fine by some of the auction sellers I see ha ha ha ha

But seriously.. I like this cover - and will be giving this away to the 3rd email to who can say with hand on heart say they have completed the survey and they tell me the year in which the St Edwards Crown was made... and of course send me a mailing address to post the cover to. Oh and on the reverse is clear Singapore 6th June 1953 postmark. It took a bit longer in those days to get from London to Singapore.
Now why the St Edwards crown?. well it is a rather wonderful piece, to say the least, but it is also represented as the watermark on the 2nd issue of the QE II definitives. And... it is the official coronation crown used exclusively at the coronation of a new monarch - Great Britain monarch that is, as far as I know.. for more interesting reading I suggest you have a read of

Hope you enjoyed this. and please complete my survey.. just scroll a few articles.. or even read them ha ha

Anyone know the watermark on the stamp on the cover I am showing????.. another cover as a prize for you if you do... one I will select at random from my GB Covers.. to 9th email.. with mailing address of course

Best wishes... enjoy your stamps... ............. Michael


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