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Monday, April 23, 2007

that dude........ and a plane.. for a change !!

Hello everyone.. well yes, who was that person on the stamps I showed .... I had such an excellent response.. I am amazed.. so many of you are so up on 1900 political history of south west India.. awesome.. and I think everyone - of all the replies I have read were correct... .. sorry not replied to anyone.. rather behind on my email yet again.

the answer you ask... Raj Rama Varma 1 (Raja of Cochin 1895 - 1914) or even King of Kochi state, Raja Rama Verma or Kerela Verma. there are various presentations although I think the first is the best. Anyway .. give me a few days and I will be mailing some GB QEII used .. I think you will be pleased.

Now your turn to respond ... hey am I buying votes.... have you voted for me at the new stamp listing TOP STAMPS SITES

To vote for me go to and click the Top Stamps Sites logo. It works now.. ( well I think it does) Go on, amuse me.. I want to get to number one.. even if only for a few minutes.. will be an achievement and a half if that happens.. but please lets try ..

Ok back to stamps... Some of you know I have an interest in aircraft... how about this cover.. pretty cool me thinks.. I got it from a new site a friend of mine told me about...

Arrived this weekend..
do you know what this is?? yes an X plane.. and there have been a few of them.. some not quite aircraft but rockets .. but as for the aircraft the earlier aircraft were / was the first to break the sound barrier.. in what year was the sound barrier broken.. ...??

first 5 correct answers will recieve a flight cover of some sort...... write to me at and if you have any interesting Flight covers I would really enjoy hearing from you.. and showing and sharing with others your covers..

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps,.... Michael


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