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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2 stamps tonight..........

Hello, everyone. and firstly thanks for all your emails on the Chuck Yeager X-1 flight that broke the sound barrier in 1947.. so much information ( and not one of you has had a reply email from me to say thanks.. so please accept this as my thanks.. and special flight cover will be on its way to Mark in the US who pointed out that the original test pilot wanted $150,000 to fly the plane... I did not know that bit of trivia... Thanks mark.

Two stamps tonight.. I know this maybe boring in some respects but hopefully it will also be educational ( and fun) in others.. the first stamp (to the right) is obviously damaged yet advertised on an auction site as used.. dream on.. get new glasses.. or give up the booze.. well not the latter I wouldn't ask that of anyone.. would I but seriously this is being auctioned.. I often say, see my specials on

this and many or all and more of the hundreds of stamps this seller is auctioning off as individual stamps will be in a lot from me at I think 1/10th of the auction listing price.. and none of this torn corner perfs I can assure you.

What about this stamp below.. I recently sent this plus the other stamps in the set to three readers / people that wrote to me for free stamps.. and here is just one stamp from the set.. and is it collectable???? .. not be me.. it is ok for a space filler... and why is it not collectable?? .. if don't already know... it is because it has rust spotting on it.. and I bet the back is worse.. and whatever you do don't put something like this with your good stamps.. they too with eventually get rust.

Throw them out.. or keep carefully protected if they are your space fillers.. or, .... you could get really desperate and write to me to get a free copy (if I have any left) or be really generous and buy my GB special and ask nicely if I would include something you are really looking for I might just be in a good mood and help you out.

Enjoy your stamps. keep those emails coming and please accept I just cannot reply to all these days... but I do enjoy reading and learning from you all.
Best wishes.... Michael.


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