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Thursday, March 29, 2007

remember those GB QEII definitives......

well here are three from my collection, and I have to admit after searching through a few stamps - I have about 20 copies of each stamp - these were close to the best I could find. I have some in pairs which have better franks but I just wanted to show singles here.

The stamps of the period - early 1950's generally it seems to me - do have heavier postmarkings.. but when one is selling as "very fine used" as was the case in my example shown a few days ago, one should be realistic and more correct in ones descripion.

Which has me thinking, if you sell on the internet are you a member of the IPDA? Who you ask.. look us up at ....... maybe useful to you. want to join.. email me or simply fill in the form on the web site.

If you are a buyer, do you check to see if the seller is a meber of the IPDA or some other recognised and accredited philatelic organisation? You should do, because there are too many people selling stamps these days.. people who advertise the quality wrongly ......and unfortunately there are many wonderful people who collect stamps who do not know enough to decide that the description is not what it should be.

Yes rather a boring old hobby horse of mine but if occassionally I am saving someone from wasting their money and being able to enjoy this wonderful hobby then surely that is worth it.

I am writing the IPDA Newsletter at the moment, on the train to and from work, and enjoying the chance to do it. I have decided - well I am the Publicity Director as well as the Newsletter author and Editor so surely I can make these decisions - that I will send a free ( yippeeee ) copy to anyone who emails me with a request for a copy... email me at you might enjoy it...

Have a great weekend.. I may well be offline for a while.. am looking after some horses for the next few days.. 10 of the wonderful animals - so no time for stamps I am afraid, but will try to read your emails when night falls...

enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.... Michael


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