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Sunday, January 07, 2007

GB prices ..... from 2007 Collect British Stamps

continuing a theme from my UK trip.........While I was at the stamp dealers in Brimingham I bought a copy of the 2007 GB " Collect British Stamps"...... I thought it would be useful to have.. why I don't know.. but you know.... you see these catalogues and for some unexplainable reason just add it to what you are buying.

This afternoon I was looking at the prices of some of the stamps.. some quite astounded me.. especially used and presentation packs. I have said on many occassions that used GB will go up in price because there are not that many being bought for postal use.. and it seems I am being proved right.. but what about some of the presentation packs.. this one for example.. and yes it is an exception although many others are 10 times their purchase price already, and it is only 2 to 3 years since they were issued.

The catalogue ( ok, I know SG prices are considered inflated but all the same...) the catalogue price for this presentation pack is £65 ........ honest.. I kid you not.. so while I am not collecting GB ( my New Years resolution well... easier than giving up wine, women and song eh!!!)... maybe I will re think.. and at least get a presentation pack of each new issue.. after all, one may well prove to be a worthy investment..

I am told the Valentines day booklet ( I think it was) will be a short issue and is a good buy) only time will tell.. and of course SG pricing and the willingness of others to pay the high prices..... best keep watching eBay.. where there is, in my view, a sense of real market pricing at work.

More tomorrow night as I trawl through my latest finds on eBay and the material I bought while in the UK.. oh... I updated my web site.. enjoy.. Michael


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