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Friday, September 01, 2006

too many late nights

and just no time to write...

Hello, hope everyone is well.. I have been having fun these past few nights and neglecting my stamps and writing. Will try to find something to write about over the weekend. Did you miss me .... :-(

just one piece of news you might be interested in hearing, and that is a marathon online stamp chat. Being run by the Interner Philatelic Dealers Association IPDA -

The event will start at 09 PM on Saturday 30th September and continue through to 09 PM on Sunday 1st October. That is, as in North America time. If anyone wants to join.. all are welcome. More details later.. but make a note in your diary. I will be chatting for about four hours.. maybe more.. if there are lots of people to chat to.

We did this last year and it was good fun. Write to me at for more details.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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