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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hello, so what / who are the Canadian Snowbirds If you are from Canada, or maybe even the US you will know they are a rather brilliant and famous formation flying aerobatic team. They have been flying for 35 years I believe and are based at the Canadian Forces Base at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Here is a cover issued a few months ago to commemorate them.
This fantastic cover is postmarked from Moose Jaw. What a wonderful addition to my aircraft cover collection. Thank you again Jane.

On the subject of aircraft.. if anyone has anything they think is special...... I am thinking of flight covers from different countries here, please email me at or send me a gift .. dont worry I will send you something nice in return... my address is on my website at

As for gifts, well how about lucky draw prizes for the chat line and witty cartoon winners .. At the IPDA, as you will know, we have our 24 hour chat marathon coming up in two weeks.. I do hope to chat with you.... I will be publishing in the next few days when I will be online..... so keep reading ok.. but as for prizes.. have a look at a GB 2d blue even.. not too bad a copy .. useful spacefiller if you dont have one.

More tomorrow now I have my scanner back.. Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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