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Monday, August 28, 2006

Germany tonight......... and more

Hello, where are you all? So few emails, and so few updates to other blogs. Hope everyone is well and not bored with stamps. I think, "bored with stamps is bored with life". Surely that is a paraphase of some similar quote from someone and we all know who because I am sure I have written about him before.. Oscar Wilde maybe..

But what about this stamp .. I do like the design. Last night I showed Calvin and Beze, Tonight Durer. Ok, go on, look him up on Google.. pretty cool dude if you ask me, and he mixed in a pretty special circle of people during his lifetime.

So why did I chose this stamp. Well I was looking through some stamps and saw the Calvin ones and then this so thought I would show it to you because I liked it.

Then I was reading Adrian's blog and he was showing stamps from France.. no collusion between us I assure you, then I looked at Eric's blog and saw he was showing French stamps after his trip to Tours. So this must be a Europe week. Thus, this one from Germany.

If you haven't yet seen Adrian's or Eric's blogs do have a look, some excellent material and very well presented.

Ok so you want to win a cover.. so tell me, which painter do we traditionally think of as the creator of the "Adoration of the Magi" and, clue.. I have written about him in the past. 5th correct answer will win a stunning Australia FDC email me at

Hope you enjoyed my tour tonight... Enjoy your stamps,......... Michael


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