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Sunday, August 27, 2006

France or Switzerland...............

Hello,., yes that subject title is there to get you to read more... but first.. I do have to once again say how sorry I am for not sending out stamps to many of you.. I am just not finding enough free time to do my postal mail.. let alone keep up with my email, let alone my sendings.. please for give me.. I will catch up, I promise.. I may not reply to all your emails .. sorry, but don't let that stop you writing.. I really enjoy reading the emails.

I wrote about space and mathematics on stamps last week.. some good emails.. thank you, and one tol me about

STAMPING THROUGH MATHEMATICS An Illustrated History of Mathematics Through Stamps Robin J. Wilson

Postage stamps are an attractive vehicle for presenting mathematics and its development. For many years the Robin has presented illustrated lectures entitled “Stamping Through Mathematics” to school and college groups and to mathematical clubs and societies, and has written a regular “Stamp Corner” for the Mathematical Intelligence.

This book contains almost four hundred postage stamps relating to mathematics, ranging from the earliest forms of counting to the modern computer age. Featured are many of the mathematicians who contributed to this story — influential figures such as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Newton and Einstein — and some of the areas whose study aided this development — such as navigation, astronomy and art.

The stamps appear enlarged and in full colour with full historical commentary and are listed in full at the end of the book. Robin J. Wilson is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the Open University in the United Kingdom and a Fellow of Keble College, Oxford University.

He is very involved with the popularisation of mathematics and has written and edited books on a variety of topics, from graph theory and combinatorics via the Gilbert and Sullivan operas to the history of mathematics. Published by Springer-Verlag, New York, Inc. 2001 ISBN 0-387-98949-8 ",1]

I am looking for this.. Amazon here I come

Back to France and Switzerland. I saw these stamps while sorting a few this afternoon and started thinking that once again that my general knowledge was sadly lacking. Beautiful stamps by the way, don't you think..............

As you see, these show Calvin and Beze. I thought these guys were from France yet here they were on stamps from Switzerland. How little do I know, I tell myself. Of course you all know why they were issued from Switzerland don't you you probably know who Beze was in Calvin's life and even the name of Calvin's wife...yeah yeah

All told, an interesting period in history and some pretty interesting thoughts for the period. But that is another subject and not really related to stamps. So are these stamps of any interest to you. Would you like them send me an email and tell me the answerw to one or more of my questions above.

Finally.. I am still looking for the names and email addresses of the editors of your local stamps magazine / newspaper. Every email to with an email address of a stamp magazine editor will get a free Australia FDC if you include your mailing address. And, if you are buying stamps.. online, by auction auction perhaps .. are the sellers members of the IPDA ( Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) .. hey ask them.. they will be ok if they are members... go on ask them.. help me promote this excellent organisation and enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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