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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

 Part XVI

 Collectors Buying With Confidence – that is damaged isn’t it ??   

 Hello, how are we all?    Well and enjoying our collections.     I have been quiet because I really wasn’t sure what to write about. Then I saw this. Well, I just couldn’t resist it as a topic. It is damaged isn’t it?



It is of course SG 452 issued in 1970  with a cat listing (2021) of £15 in SG (Scott $16) for a very fine condition stamp.  It is clearly damaged and might pass as a spacefiller for a $1.  Certainly would not pass any quick look and see and come up with a Fine Very Fine condition description. Seriously, that is the condition description it is listed with. I won’t tell you the asking price just in case you are prone to shock reactions.  Ok  I will, $12.25 USD.


Time and time again I remind myself that collectors are very smart and would never be fooled into thinking this was anything other than a damaged stamp and would never pay more than $1 for it as a spacefiller.  But I see so much sold that is junk I just think a quick reminder is worth my time if it helps collectors buying with confidence.  And anyway, isn’t it fun to see some of the rubbish being listed on these online market places 😊  Who are these sellers I often wonder?


So, be careful out there.   When you see a stamp that is clearly damaged do  not waste your money.    Go without and wait another day.   Enjoy and buy with confidence.


Michael …. Please visit my online store    where I think you will see quality and appropriately described stamps. 


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