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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

is it that long since I wrote ... so hello again........

Hello,  seems like yesterday but 2 months have flown past and literally in some respects as we had a lovely trip to the UK  then on to Australia.    Lots of flying and plenty of movies, food and sleep,  and lots of stamps picked up along the way.  The aircraft on stamp series at  has started again.  We have written a few  articles showing some very nice stamps with plenty of  trivia to  interest you. As for other  philatelic  thoughts.   something that came to mind over the last few days while chatting to a fellow seller.   Quality and Condition - How to described  stamp quality and condition.

No! I am not going to do that now, but am thinking how to get a few messages across,  for collectors - things to look out for, and sellers, things to do and Not to do, with the intent of helping sellers establish credibility and collectors buy with confidence, and how shall I say it, not get ripped off, will that do. :-) 

I have written on this in the past but looking through one online market place and seeing what some sellers are selling, and  worse still what some collectors are buying - well there is more garbage being listed  than I care to think of.  Not good for the  hobby is it?   The sellers either know they are listing garbage or worse still they don't know.  Hard to tell sometimes.

So that will be a theme over the coming days and weeks. I welcome thoughts and comments.   you can email me at    All emails will be answered.

Or, of course you could  buy the book,  Caveat emptor and other advice for philatelists    --   The  book can be found as an eBook  or in a rather nice soft copy version here   

More soon  Thanks for reading me.   Michael  cddstamps  at cddstamps and our online store here   over 63,000 positive feedback.  Yes, buy with confidence  :-) 


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