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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Poland aircraft on stamps and a reminder Free Tongs Ides of March special ends today

Hello again. Tonight, the Ides of March here,   but nothing exciting has happened except more sales depleting our  stock – just love the pain of that, and did you know if you get an order in to us dated 15th March and  the value of the stamps purchased is $15 or greater you get a free pair of cddstamps tongs. (that is tweezers to those of us that speak English!!).  Go on, treat yourself!

So to a Poland stamp.  This from the 1952 issue of 4 stamps.  Rather nice.  Each of the 4 stamps shows an Ilyushin Il-12  flying over a scene;  a seaport, a farm,  a steel mill, and this one over Warsaw.   A beautiful set which  you might have in your collection.  Not  expensive but not that common to find either.

Just some trivia,  and  since Warsaw is one of the cities I really would like to visit one day,   have you been?  what is the name of the Church in the center of the image, and in what year was the Bell Tower  built?

 And all this from enjoying aircraft on stamps 😊

See you next time    Michael …. or visit my online store    where I have  some interesting aviation related


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