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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hello, A week ago I wrote about the difference in the ribbon at the back of the Queens’ head on the 2006 Great Britain Regional issue, SG EN6. There being two types. Type I with the ribbon appearing as two distinct strands and Type II where the ribbon is solid and more joined to the head.

I was asked if there were other examples. Now I am back from vacation I have time to show you one more. And this one is well worth looking out for I think.

It is on the 44p value from the same 2006 Regional issue. Easy to miss this but perhaps rewarding to look for. SG Concise (2017) lists SG EN11 at £1.50, this is the Type II issue and EN11b, the Type I, at £50. Now that is worth checking for perhaps?.

I edited the lighting on the close up image in the hope you can better see the difference if you do not have a catalogue for reference.

There is one other example in this Regional issue with the two Types, that is the 72p value.

Enjoy your stamps… Michael


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