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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hello, I opened up a web site today and saw one of these stamps on the home page. I was a bit surprised because I would expect to only see nicer quality images on a home page.

Now I know many people have different views about stamp quality but given the encouraging number of new collectors I see, I think talking about and helping collectors to learn about stamp quality is an important topic.

Yes I support collecting whatever pleases you and yes we all have the need for spacefillers from time to time. I have many myself. But let’s look at these 4 and perhaps learn a little about stamp quality especially when considering what the seller is describing the quality as and what the quality is compared to standards documented by professionals like Stanley Gibbons and Scott to name just two for example.

Hopefully the image says it all. Click to enlarge if not that clear.

Two points to note, first, if you are thinking of buying a stamp or stamps please try to understand the quality as seen, and not necessarily as stated, if it even is stated, by the seller.

Second find time to read the Condition Guide sections in your catalogues like SG or Scott, or find a copy to read if you do not have your own catalogue, or try this link or this is quite straightforward or this which has a very nice summary at the start of the text

And please remember, just because someone is selling stamps doesn't mean they know anything about philately, as is blatantly obvious when you look at some of the stamps some sellers are offering on various auction sites and philatelic portals. :-)

Enjoy your stamps …….. Michael


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